Novitec exalts the Ferrari 296 GTS with a boost to power and appeal | Video

Gloria Fiocchi Author
Novitec has given new life into an even more exciting work of art, by taking the already underwhelming Ferrari 296 GTS and injecting an extra dose of power and attractive appeal
Ferrari 296 GTS Novitec

The Novitec never stops working hard and, after elaborating on the 296 GTB coupe, raises the bar once again with the Novitec Ferrari 296 GTS. This convertible version of the Cavallino Rampante’s racing car boasts a more aggressive and refined aesthetic, combined with a power boost that makes it even more irresistible

Novitec unleashes a masterpiece of elegance and power: here’s the Ferrari 296 GTS

Novitec recently decides to put their new version of the Ferrari 296 GTS on display, going all out to make the Ferrari brand’s incredible car even more powerful and prestigious. Continuing to work hard even after the success of the customization of the 296 GTB coupe, the German company tuner has decided to focus now on the convertible variant, taking it to much higher levels of performance and style.

As far as the exterior of the car is concerned, Novitec decided to maintain a fairly discreet approach, so as to preserve more of the elegance of the original Ferrari. The exposed carbon fiber elements, such as the front lip, side skirts, mirror caps, side air intake trim, diffuser and ducktail spoiler, definitely give the car a more aggressive and refined look at the same time. To complete the work, the reversing camera cover, also made of carbon fiber, takes care of it.

Novitec has done some prestige work on the plug-in hybrid powertrain of the Ferrari 296 GTS, increasing the combined power from the standard 830 hp to 868 hp. The MGU-K electric motor has seen no changes, while as for the 38 hp of power that has been added, it comes from the 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 powerplant. In fact, the increase in power comes from optimized turbochargers and a high-performance exhaust system equipped with 100-cell sport catalysts. The latter is able to give the car an even deeper and more involving sound through the 102 mm exhaust tailpipes, which are available in carbon fiber or 999 gold-plated. While as far as the exhaust system is concerned, depending on the configuration chosen, it can be made of stainless steel or Inconel, so as to be able to provide better thermal insulation and the possibility of integrating actively controlled throttle valves.

Ferrari 296 GTS Novitec

Certainly one of the details that have been changed and are most prominent are the new Novitec NF10 alloy wheels. They were made in collaboration with Vossen, and as soon as the car is seen they are the ones that steal the attention. They measure 21 inches at the front and 22 inches at the rear, and feature a five double-spoke design available in 72 different color variants with a brushed or polished surface finish. A tweak to the aesthetic side that definitely gives the car more prestige.

A set of sport springs take care of bringing the supercar 35 mm closer to the ground, strongly emphasizing its lowered stance and accentuating its handling qualities. To protect all the carbon fiber components while you are driving, Novitec has integrated a hydraulic system that raises the front axle by 40 mm. In short, as we might have guessed, the Novitec Ferrari 296 GTS has given greater exaltation to a supercar that is already extraordinary in itself.