New Alfa Romeo Stelvio: is this what it will look like in 2025?

Francesco Armenio
Is this how the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio that will debut during the next year will look?
New Alfa Romeo Stelvio render

The future of Alfa Romeo Stelvio, as well as that of the new generation Giulia, is set to take a new direction. There has been speculation for months about what to expect: a render from offers us a hypothetical all-round view. We remind you that Stelvio will make its debut during 2025, the next launch following the debut of the Alfa Romeo Junior a few months ago. In spring 2026, the Italian brand will present the new Alfa Romeo Giulia.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio: here’s what the design of the new generation arriving in 2025 could look like

New Alfa Romeo Stelvio render

The website proposes a vision of the next generation of Alfa Romeo’s D-segment SUV, a vehicle that will maintain a central role in the Italian brand’s range over the next decade. The render incorporates design elements introduced with the Junior, which will likely characterize future Alfa Romeo models. Particularly notable are the new grille with the historic shield and the sharp-designed headlights.

It is rumored that the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio will have slightly larger dimensions compared to the current model, while maintaining the same height. Its design will tend more towards that of a coupe SUV. Although the interiors remain unknown, it’s likely that Alfa Romeo will maintain its philosophy of avoiding excessive use of large digital screens.

Regarding the engine range of the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio, there should be room for versions with one, two, and three electric motors. The latter case is that of the top-of-the-range Quadrifoglio version, which will reach 1,000 HP, while the entry-level and intermediate versions will be offered with powers ranging from 240 HP to 450 HP. The lithium-ion battery will have capacities of 85, 98, and 118 kWh, with which it will be possible to have a maximum range of up to 800 kilometers on a single charge, rechargeable in less than 30 minutes. The SUV should arrive on the market only in an electric version, although at the moment we cannot exclude that there will be at least one combustion engine version in the range.