New Alfa Romeo Giulia Cabrio: here’s what it could look like

Francesco Armenio
The new generation of Alfa Romeo Giulia will arrive in 2026, but some are already trying to imagine it in different versions.
New Alfa Romeo Giulia Cabrio

New Alfa Romeo Giulia Cabrio is a render created by digital artist Salvatore Lepore, who tried to imagine what a roofless version of the future generation of the famous D-segment sedan would look like. We recall that this highly anticipated model will make its debut in spring 2026, as officially confirmed in recent weeks by Jean Philippe Imparato, CEO of the Italian car manufacturer.

Here’s how a new Alfa Romeo Giulia Cabrio might appear

Alfa Romeo

New Alfa Romeo Giulia Cabrio is a version of the new Biscione sedan that we’re unlikely to see in Alfa Romeo’s future lineup. In fact, this type of car is now an increasingly small niche, so it’s not an idea that currently seems to interest the executives of the Biscione car manufacturer, who are focused on concentrating only on cars that can guarantee high sales volumes.

Even the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Cabrio, if it were to arrive, would be produced in Cassino on the STLA Large platform, just like the future generation of Giulia. As we can see in this render, the design elements of the future sedan are the same as those that debuted with the recent Alfa Romeo Junior SUV and which we will probably also find in the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio that will debut next year.

New Alfa Romeo Giulia Cabrio

The new Alfa Romeo Giulia will arrive on the market with different powertrains, ranging from about 350 horsepower in the base version up to 1,000 horsepower in the Quadrifoglio version, which will once again be the top of the range. This model, like the new generation of Stelvio, should arrive on the market exclusively in an electric version. This could be a risk for the car manufacturer, as the electric market currently seems to be in a slight decline globally. While waiting to discover what the brand will decide with its future models, we leave you with the renders.