New Alfa Romeo Giulia 2026: design confirmed?

Gloria Fiocchi Author
Less than two years from now, in the spring of 2026, a new Alfa Romeo Giulia will be unveiled. The second generation of the Italian sports sedan is ready to surprise 
Alfa Romeo Giulia "Alfetta" render

Indiscretions about the design of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia are becoming increasingly persistent. Among them, one of the most suggestive speculations concerns the adoption of a coupe sedan body, with a particularly sloping rear window, christened Alfetta. Here is what it might look like on the market according to Q-Cars.

New Alfa Romeo Giulia: speculating on its 2026 look

The long-awaited arrival of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia, the second generation of the Italian brand’s celebrated sports sedan, is now just a short time away. Indeed, it is scheduled to debut in the spring of 2026, and in the meantime, the anticipation is growing steadily, an event that is being fueled by various rumors and indiscretions regarding what its design and features might be. 

Actually, there are a number of hypotheses circulating on the web, with various renders and simulations trying to interpret and speculate what could be a new look for the Giulia. Some of the features that are most expected include a coupe-like sedan silhouette with a particularly sloping rear window. This is a design that seems reminiscent of Alfa Romeo tradition. This latest render of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia was made by the Q-Cars YouTube channel. It has been dubbed “Alfetta” which also assumes a design with coupe sedan lines and a truncated tail, while obviously retaining Alfa Romeo’s distinctive grille at the front of the car.

Alfa Romeo Giulia "Alfetta" render Q-cars

However, it is important to stress that this render is purely hypothetical and does not represent the official design of the new Giulia, as the manufacturer has not yet made anything public for what its styling will be. It is based solely on various rumors and assumptions that have circulated and continue to circulate on the web, but obviously the final design of the car could be completely different. In addition to the Q-Cars render, there are also many other simulations and hypotheses about the design of the new Giulia, and they are all available online.

The new Giulia is expected to be born on the Stellantis Group’s STLA Large platform, and it should be available to customers exclusively in an electric version. At the moment, several power variants seem to be planned, with a base version expected to start from 350 horsepower up to even 1000 horsepower, which in this case would concern the top-of-the-line Quadrifoglio. As already confirmed at other instances, of course, we know that the introduction of a thermal variant is not yet ruled out, but its possible release depends very much on the performance of the electric car market in the coming years.