Multipla or Panda Fastback, who will win the bestseller throne?

Gloria Fiocchi Author
Fiat Multipla and Panda Fastback, the two new challengers are preparing to corner in the market. Which one will be more successful in terms of sales?
Multipla or Fastback

Multipla and Fastback: which could make more sales? And what are the factors that could influence their success and determine the winner of this ‘challenge’?

New Fiat Multipla or Fastback: which will be the best-selling in the market?

Two new cars are preparing to vie for the title of market queen. We are talking about the new Fiat Multipla, namely the successor to the historic family MPV, and the unreleased Panda Fastback, a coupe SUV version of the small hatchback. Both are derived from the platform of the revamped Panda, and have the common goal of trying to win the hearts of the majority of all motorists with their style and practicality. But of course, only one of the two models will be the one most frequently chosen by the public.

New Fiat Multipla

When referring to the new Multipla, we know that it is coming to the market in 2025 and will be presented with a more modern and attractive design than its ancestor. Despite the “modern makeover,” the car will definitely retain its characteristic 6- or 7-seat configuration, which is the detail that always knows makes it the ideal car for large families seeking space and convenience. The Multipla will be produced in Morocco at the Stellantis plant in Kenitra. It will be presented to the public with gasoline, diesel and hybrid engine configurations, so as to ensure a wide choice to meet the diverse needs of ever advancing mobility.

A year later, however, it will be the turn of the Panda Fastback. The styling of this car is expected to be that of an SUV coupe, which will go for sporty lines and an affordable price. The Panda Fastback will be released as an unreleased version and could prove to be a real surprise on the market. The place of production of this car is not yet known exactly, but it could be assembled in Serbia. So the Panda Fastback should be offered to the public with gasoline and hybrid engines, with the intention of attracting a young audience as well.

Fiat Grande Panda Fastback

Therefore, we can say that the Multipla has on its side the advantage of a wide configuration, low price and great comfort given its family size. These are all qualities that have made it a guarantee in the automotive scene for many years. The Panda Fastback, on the other hand, could aim to win over customers with its more modern and trendy styling, taking advantage of the success of coupe SUVs. The final verdict, of course, will be up to the public alone, who, based on different needs, will choose the car that best reflects their needs.