Fiat Titano presents its new advertising campaign

Gloria Fiocchi Author
Fiat’s new advertising campaign for the Fiat Titano pickup truck celebrates the deep connection between agriculture, family and hard work. An exciting journey across generations, where the past is intertwined with the present and the future.
Fiat Titano ad campaign

Fiat’s new advertising campaign dedicated to the Titano pickup has been presented to the Brazilian public in the form of tradition and family values. It is a tribute to the past that travels through the values of agriculture, family and hard work. Event that aims to celebrate the strong link between these elements and the Italian automaker’s new work vehicle.

Fiat Titano: a pickup truck that combines tradition and future for new generations of farmers

At the center of the campaign, we find a 30-second spot that was presented through major media outlets on Brazilian soil, such as the Jornal Nacional, which is one of the country’s most important news outlets. The images show an interweaving of past and present, telling the story of a farming family and their connection to the land, generation after generation. The father, who retains the narrator’s voice, recounts the most important moments throughout their history, starting with the great-grandparents who conquered the land with their bare hands and arriving at the grandfather who made it prosperous with dedication and sacrifice. As time passes, the Fiat Titano becomes a silent but indispensable protagonist, a symbol of strength, reliability and progress put at the service of the family.

Fiat Titano

In addition to the TV commercial, the campaign was published on multiple different channels. Among them we saw cable TV ads, social media, and a close collaboration with prominent influencers such as Rafa Kalimann and Felipe Araújo. Through their social pages, the two very well-known faces in Brazil put the Fiat Titano’s features to the test. Their contribution was to share with their audience the performance of the working vehicle and the great passion that a life lived in the countryside requires.

The goal of the advertising strategy is two-way. On the one hand to make the tradition and values of agriculture famous, and on the other to present the Fiat Titano as an ideal ally for new generations of farmers. In fact, the pickup truck, with its characteristics as a sturdy, versatile and powerful car, has the potential to be used as an indispensable tool to deal with the various difficulties that arise every day in the countryside.

The advertising campaign concludes with a message of hope and positivity. Indeed, the agriculture sector currently has a future with many possibilities for growth. And the new generations, with the right means and the right tools that companies like Fiat can provide, can continue and progress in their work with great ease.