Fiat double production in Algeria: assembly of Doblò begins

Gloria Fiocchi Author
This is an important accomplishment for the future of the Algerian automotive industry. The Tafraoui plant also starts production of the Fiat Doblò
Fiat Doblò

A new chapter for Stellantis in Algeria: production of the Fiat Doblò has begun at the Tafraoui plant, an event that marks a turning point for the future of the industry in Algeria. The start of production of the Fiat Doblò at the Tafraoui plant marks a crucial moment for the Algerian automotive industry. This milestone represents not only an important achievement for Stellantis, but also symbolizes a concrete commitment to the future of the industry in Algeria.

Fiat speeds up in Algeria: Doblò production gets started

Following the success of the Fiat 500, Fiat’s Tafraoui plant in Algeria has reached a new milestone with the start of production of the new Fiat Doblò. This event marks an important step in the plant’s development and strengthens Stellantis’ commitment to the Algerian market.

Fiat Doblò

The Fiat Tafraoui plant, which opened on December 11, 2023, was built and equipped in the record time of one year. The efficiency and dedication of Stellantis in advancing its projects in Algeria has been realized and seems to be taking better and better shape. With the goal of producing 90,000 CKD vehicles by 2026, with a local integration rate of more than 35 percent, the Tafraoui plant is positioned as a benchmark for the Algerian automotive industry. Stellantis’ commitment to innovation and technology will surely ensure a prosperous future for the plant and the Algerian automotive industry as a whole.

So Stellantis’ Tafraoui plant is in the midst of growth. With a workforce of 850 employees, production is on the rise and aims to reach 250 vehicles per day by the end of July. To achieve this goal, a third team will be introduced,implementing a third team and hiring 350 new employees, bringing the total number of employees to 1,200. The new hires will mainly affect the welding and painting departments.

Stellantis has already invested heavily in training Tafraoui’s staff, delivering a total of 130,000 hours of courses in various areas, including assembly, quality and logistics. Of these, 34,000 hours have been conducted abroad.

The arrival of the Doble will lead to a significant increase in production at the Tafraoui plant. QWith the goal of producing more than 40,000 cars by the end of the year, the Tafraoui plant will focus specifically on producing 7,000 Fiat Doblos and 1,000 Fiat 500s by the end of July. This will meet the Algerian market’s growing demand for reliable and affordable vehicles.

The start of Doblò production represents a concrete commitment by Stellantis to the long-term development of the Algerian automotive sector. The company aims to create jobs, transfer technologies and contribute to the growth of the Algerian economy. The start of production of the Fiat Doblò at the Tafraoui plant is certainly a historic moment for the Algerian automotive industry. This is important for the country and for the brand, because it marks the beginning of a new era for Stellantis in Algeria, under the banner of innovation, growth and long-term development. We will see how it evolves in the coming months and years.