Fiat again reigns over Brazilian car market as of June 2024

Gloria Fiocchi Author
Fiat maintains its leadership in the Brazilian automotive market in June 2024, despite a slight decline from the previous year. 
Fiat Brazil

Fiat also manages to retain the title of leader in the Brazilian automotive market in June 2024. The Italian giant is confirmed as the most preferred choice of Brazilian drivers giving a clear lead to all competitors. Here are the trends and competitors

Brazil car market June 2024: Fiat in the lead but growth slows down

In fact, although it emerges as the preferred brand for customers, for Fiat this June it took a small step backward compared to its own performance over the same period in 2023. In fact, despite its first place ranking, the brand suffered a 2.2 percent drop in its market share to 20.5 percent – with 220,600 cars delivered since the beginning of the year. This was a smaller drop than that achieved by Volkswagen, which came in second place and saw its monthly share drop by 0.3 percent.


Even though there has been this small negative difference, Fiat at the moment still retains a rather considerable lead over its rivals. Volkswagen, for example, which ranked second, registered 29,700 registrations in the month of June, while Chevrolet, in third place, stopped at 28,600. Average daily car sales in Brazil in the month even reached 10,060 units, an increase of 17.57 percent over the same period last year.

An interesting fact was noted from the top 10 best-selling brands. It was Honda, which undermined Nissan in ninth place, trailing by only 276 units. Competition among Japanese manufacturers is increasingly active, which shows how vibrant and considered the Brazilian automotive market can be. In any case, overall, June 2024 looks like a month with a positive trend for the Brazilian automotive sector, with fairly significant growth over the previous year. Fiat undoubtedly remains in the lead, but it will still have to remain focused on its work to overcome the challenge of containing the decline and countering the advance of its competitors.

These are the brands that ranked in the top ten in Brazil: 1st Fiat – 38,293; 2nd Volkswagen – 29,702; 3rd Chevrolet – 28,580; 4th Hyundai – 19,395; 5th Toyota – 17,117; 6th Jeep – 10,022; 7th Renault – 9,754; 8th Honda – 7,472; 9th Nissan – 7,196; 10th BYD – 5,221.