Dodge Magnum 2025: here’s what a new generation would look like

Francesco Armenio
The Dodge Magnum was on the market for a short time and many years ago: here’s how a new generation is imagined.
Dodge Magnum 2025

At the beginning of 2024, the new generation of Dodge Charger, the world’s first electric muscle car, was officially unveiled. Since then, the American automaker under Stellantis has remained relatively quiet, until a few days ago when it was announced that its official debut has been postponed by 90 days due to some electrical issues discovered during testing. A few days ago, a Charger Daytona prototype used for testing was seen gathering dust in a Michigan parking lot. Meanwhile, several digital creators are unleashing their imagination by creating different versions of the Charger, including the one featured in this article.

Dodge Magnum: here’s how the design of a possible new generation is imagined

Dodge Magnum 2025

Inspired by the new generation of Dodge Charger Daytona, which will also see the debut of versions with internal combustion engines next year, digital creator Digimods Design has created renders of the new 2025 Dodge Magnum. The front and rear feature several elements from the new Charger, such as the light signature and grille. Other elements like the roofline, windows, and rear hatch are inspired by the original Dodge Magnum, produced at the Brampton plant in Canada between 2004 and 2008.

This model, if it were ever to come to market, would have the same powertrains as the new Charger. This includes various electric options and a 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six engine. Like the 2025 internal combustion Charger, it won’t have a V8. Its driving dynamics would be nearly identical, but it would benefit from a larger cargo area compared to the four-door model that accompanies the coupe.

However, it’s unlikely that Dodge will launch a similar model. The reason is tied to the unpopularity of station wagons which, regardless of their power, don’t sell well. The current market trend sees SUVs prevailing over any other model, and it’s for this reason that, after launching the electric and combustion versions of the new Charger, Dodge will focus on the new Durango in 2026. It’s therefore impossible that a Dodge Magnum will be made, but never say never. For now, it’s only possible to admire it in these unofficial renders.