Alfa Romeo with 30-inch wheels: is this the most ridiculous Stelvio ever?

Francesco Armenio
Ace1Whips showcases an Alfa Romeo Stelvio with extreme mods: 30-inch wheels, questionable interior: is this the ugliest Stelvio ever?
Alfa Romeo Stelvio on 30 inch wheel

The YouTube channel Ace1Whips deals with the most extreme cars in terms of tuning and customization, and the most glaring example is the Alfa Romeo Stelvio featured in this article: is there anything uglier and more ridiculous? Obviously, tastes differ, and the owner of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, which will come out with a new generation in 2025, decided to modify their vehicle to their liking, but the chosen modifications appear questionable at best.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio: this customized model is probably the ugliest ever

Alfa Romeo Stelvio on 30 inch wheel

Standing out above all else are alloy wheels that are beyond huge. They appear to be 30 inches, with gold coloring, chrome edges, and blue areas matching the color of the vehicle itself, plus rotating hubcaps. While in the tuning world there are some rather invasive customizations, it’s also true that we’ve rarely seen an Alfa Romeo Stelvio ruined like this, and at considerable expense too.

Making an optimistic cost estimate, those 4 flashy wheels would have cost at least $2,500, plus custom tires, which are far from common being low-profile and of unusual diameter. In short, the expense probably amounted to around $5,000 between purchase and installation: money decidedly poorly spent. We shouldn’t forget the expense necessary to widen the wheel arches, considering that the stock ones wouldn’t be able to accommodate 30-inch wheels.

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio owner also opted for tinted windows, while the rest of the premium SUV appears as it left the factory. But if we move inside, the show is far from pleasant: we find blue floor mats with diamond stitching, and a series of speakers in the trunk that are very reminiscent of early 2000s tuning.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio on 30 inch wheel

A car that aesthetically makes you wrinkle your nose, that will be extremely uncomfortable to drive due to those giant wheels, and that also makes a lot of noise. And to think that over time we’ve seen several very strange cars, but staying on the topic of Alfa Romeo Stelvio, one of these is certainly the Stelvio in limousine version.