Alfa Romeo SZ: Biscione doesn’t rule out a return? That’s what a new sports model could look like

Gloria Fiocchi Author
An illustration of such a possible comeback was given by digital designer Avarvarii, who created a render of what a modern SZ might look like.
Alfa Romeo SZ avarvarii render

Several sources within the brand are sending out encouraging signals. Alfa Romeo design chief Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos has made no secret of drawing inspiration from the SZ for future Biscione cars, fueling the passion of Alfisti. Will it be just speculation or could this dream come true?

Alfa Romeo SZ: meet the successor to iconic sports car with rendering

Spread around the world, many fans of the Alfa Romeo brand would have the dream of getting behind the wheel of a real fireball built by the brand itself. The hypothesis may not be too remote, as among the possible future cars of the Alfa Romeo brand, there is one car in particular that ignites the spirits of enthusiasts and it is the heir to the legendary SZ. A model from the past that has been a symbol and could now be revived in our modern times. 

Although these are only a number of notions that have surfaced at this time, some sources from within the brand seem to suggest a possible return of the Alfa Romeo SZ. As we know, the future of Alfa Romeo will be dictated in a big way by the success of the brand’s upcoming models and geopolitical conditions, which will be determining factors in the green light for the project. Alfa Romeo’s head of design, Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, has confirmed that he is being inspired by the SZ for the Biscione’s future cars, a statement that obviously only raises the hopes of the enthusiast public.

Alfa Romeo SZ render

Beyond the render: Alfa Romeo’s roadmap focuses on new releases

Recently, digital designer Avarvarii created a render that tries to hypothesize the design of a new Alfa Romeo SZ. His work is based on the original SZ, going to modify the lines by making them sleek and aggressive to make it more suitable for modern times. The render seems to have met with considerable success online, fueling the debate about the model’s possible return to the car market.

But before dreaming excessively with the coming of a new SZ, it is important to put more focus and attention on the latest models. Indeed, we are talking about the Alfa Romeo Junior that has already been unveiled in 2024, which will be followed by the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giulia in 2025 and 2026. A fifth model is also planned in 2027, which could be a large SUV intended to conquer the American market or an heir to the Giulietta for the European market. Therefore, although rendering keeps many hopes alive, at the moment only time will be able to say for sure whether a new Alfa Romeo SZ will be part of the brand’s future.