Alfa Romeo Junior: a video shows the Coupé version

Francesco Armenio
A video that appeared on YouTube imagines what the design of a future Alfa Romeo Junior coupé version could be.
Alfa Romeo Junior Coupe

A few days ago, we showed you a render of an Alfa Romeo Junior coupé. Evidently, the idea of a similar model must have been so well-liked that a video render was also created, published on Mahboub1‘s YouTube channel, which shows the hypothesis of this model in more detail.

A video anticipates what could be the design of a future Alfa Romeo Junior in a SUV coupé version

Alfa Romeo Junior Coupe

An Alfa Romeo Junior coupé version is not planned, although according to some, the idea would be interesting and could give the model even more sportiness and personality. However, the Biscione car manufacturer’s plans for this model are different. Jean Philippe Imparato, CEO of the Italian brand, expects this car alone to be able to guarantee between 50,000 and 70,000 registrations globally. This means that this car will be the best-selling model ever for Stellantis’ premium brand.

Alfa Romeo Junior has taken the place that once belonged to MiTo. In itself, it is already a very sporty SUV without having to have a coupé version. In the future, the Biscione car manufacturer could instead have a new compact coupé sedan, the heir to the Giulietta, which could flank the Alfa Romeo Tonale in the C segment of the market, taking the name of the new Alfetta or new Brera. For the moment, this seems to be the Biscione’s plan regarding the return of some coupés. The range will also be enriched in the coming years with the new generations of Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Alfa Romeo Giulia, which will debut on the market in 2025 and 2026, respectively.

Who knows if, seeing the public’s appreciation for a coupé version of the Junior SUV, the Italian car manufacturer will not finally decide to make it. Only time will tell.