Alfa Romeo Codalunga: here’s the supercar that could become a reality

Francesco Armenio
Alfa Romeo Codalunga is a project that is unlikely to be realized, but many enthusiasts hope for it.
Alfa Romeo Codalunga

Alfa Romeo Codalunga is a digital concept created by Leonardo Di Trapani, a former intern of the brand. Some believe that this imaginary supercar has the potential to become a real model. However, at present, Alfa Romeo’s official plans do not include a similar vehicle, although this could change in the future. Any potential development will depend on the brand’s performance, particularly the sales of recently launched new models.

Alfa Romeo Codalunga: will the brand’s range also include a similar model in the future?

Alfa Romeo Codalunga

The Alfa Romeo Codalunga represents a vision for a sporty EV future that could also function as a fastback sedan. The car features design elements vaguely inspired by the new 33 Stradale, but also by the 8C. The next Biscione model closest, at least in terms of powertrain, to this hypothetical render is the new 2026 Alfa Romeo Giulia in Quadrifoglio version, which is rumored to be a fully electric sedan with 1,000 HP.

Alfa Romeo now boasts a complete range: from the Giulia to the Stelvio, including the compact hybrid Tonale and the new Junior, which is also fully electric. The latter, in particular, is Alfa Romeo’s smallest vehicle and the first fully electric one to enter production.

With Alfa Romeo now immersed in the electrified sector with the Tonale PHEV and the Junior, it’s clear that interest in internal combustion-only vehicles is declining. However, the electric vehicle market is already full of crossovers and sedans. Perhaps it’s time for a sports car that can also serve as a sedan, like this Alfa Romeo Codalunga. Who knows if one day the brand will give it some thought.

Returning to the upcoming Giulia, Alfa Romeo CEO Jean Philippe Imparato has outlined the philosophy of the new generation model, emphasizing a return to the roots of the driving experience without superfluous technological compromises. Despite this, the car will be equipped with the STLA Brain system based on artificial intelligence to personalize handling and offer software updates to improve performance and range. Built on Stellantis’ STLA Large platform for electric vehicles, the Giulia promises rapid acceleration and a range of about 800 kilometers with 118 kWh batteries.