Abarth 600e might cost as much as the Tesla Model Y

Francesco Armenio
A few days ago, the first photo of the new Abarth 600e was unveiled, but many are wondering what the price could be.
Abarth 600e Scorpionissima

The new Abarth 600e made its first appearance a few days ago, following the car manufacturer’s release of a photo showcasing the electric B-SUV in action. This official photo comes after the vehicle’s sighting in Milan during a commercial shoot, prompting Stellantis to pre-emptively announce it to prevent the unauthorized spread of photos and videos, a phenomenon recently observed with the new Lancia Ypsilon.

Abarth 600e: the Potential Cost of the New Electric B-SUV

Equipped with an electric engine capable of delivering 240 horsepower, the Abarth 600e likely shares its motor with the upcoming Ypsilon HF, set for a 2025 release. Produced in a limited edition of 1,949 units, similar to the strategy for the 500e, this vehicle initially stands out for its captivating shade of purple. Plans include the addition of classic colors like black, but the lineup may also feature vibrant colors seen on the 500e, including blue and yellow.

Details regarding the price of the Abarth 600e Scorpionissima have yet to be revealed, sparking widespread curiosity. Based on the price difference between the standard 500e version and its Abarth counterpart, about 5,000 euros, it’s reasonable to expect the 600e could see an even greater difference, potentially setting the starting price around 42,000 euros, comparable to the Tesla Model Y in Europe.

Abarth 600e

When compared to the Abarth 500e, the 600e boasts more power and likely features a battery with a superior range, expected to exceed 250 kilometers on a single charge. The public’s reception of this new entry remains to be seen, given that the Abarth 500e did not achieve significant sales volumes. According to UNRAE data, in 2023, 74 sports cars were sold, which could refer to the Abarth 500e version.

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