2028 Fiat Toro to share platform with Jeep Compass: first details emerge

Francesco Armenio
The new generation of the Fiat Toro is expected to arrive in 2028, and the first details are emerging.
Fiat Toro

Fiat Toro, the popular pickup truck from the Italian automaker, will continue to be a pillar of the range of vehicles offered by Fiat in South America. Despite initial uncertainties regarding the future of this model, Fiat has confirmed its intention to develop a new generation of the Toro. This news comes in conjunction with the announcement of a new generation of the Fiat Strada, another successful model that will be globalized and also sold in Europe. Stellantis is carefully evaluating the most successful models in Brazil with the aim of replicating their success internationally.

Fiat Toro will have a new generation and will arrive in 2028

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After the brand confirmed the arrival of new generations of Fiat Strada and Fiat Fastback, successful models in South America that will debut for the first time in Europe, certainties also arrive regarding the Fiat Toro. Reports from Brazilian media suggest that the future generation of the Fiat Toro will embrace electrification, offering hybrid versions. This choice seems to be dictated by the need to comply with increasingly stringent emission parameters provided for by the next phases of the Proconve program.

The new Toro will be based on Stellantis’ STLA Medium platform, already used on some models such as the new Peugeot 3008. This platform stands out for its flexibility and the ability to support electric motors with power ranging from 220 HP to 390 HP, as well as 98 kWh batteries. A concrete example of the potential of this platform is represented by the new Jeep Compass, which is expected to have a fully electric version with a range between 500 and 700 km.

Considering these premises, it is not to be excluded that also the future medium-sized pickup from Fiat can benefit from a fully electric version, taking full advantage of the capabilities of the STLA Medium platform. The latest rumors suggest that the new generation of the Fiat Toro could make its debut on the market between the end of 2027 and the beginning of 2028.

Fiat Toro

Parallel to the rumors about the new Toro, the idea is also spreading that Fiat may introduce an SUV derived from the pickup platform itself. According to what was reported by Autos Segredos, this potential SUV could be launched before the Toro, acting as a forerunner for the new design language that will characterize both vehicles. However, it is important to emphasize that at the moment there are no official confirmations regarding the actual development of an SUV based on the Toro. We just have to wait for further details on the matter.