2026 Lancia Gamma: a glimpse of its potential design

Francesco Armenio
2026 Lancia Gamma will be the future flagship of Stellantis’ premium brand: here’s how its design could look.
Lancia Gamma 2026

Lancia Gamma is the next model from the Italian brand to make its market debut, following the arrival of the new generation of the Ypsilon. It is the future flagship of the Stellantis brand, which, unlike the new Ypsilon and also the future Lancia Delta, will offer a more unusual design.

2026 Lancia Gamma: this is what its design could look like

Lancia Gamma

Lancia CEO Luca Napolitano has described the 2026 Lancia Gamma as not a typical sedan, but rather a fastback that is difficult to classify within the current categories of the automotive market. This means that it will not be a sedan, but not a true crossover either. The car will be 4.7 meters long and will be one of the Stellantis cars that will be built on the STLA Medium platform, produced at the Stellantis plant in Melfi.

2026 Lancia Gamma is one of the 5 electric cars that Stellantis will produce in this factory in the coming years, as officially confirmed in recent months by the automotive group led by CEO Carlos Tavares. The car is expected to arrive on the market only in a fully electric version and will have various versions in the range that will differ according to power and autonomy. The top-of-the-range version should offer over 400 horsepower and at least 700 km of autonomy on a single charge.

According to Lancia, the upcoming 2026 Lancia Gamma, which is expected to be unveiled around mid-2026, has the potential to be the most appreciated Lancia car ever in Europe. The goal will be to conquer valuable market share in the European premium segment.

Lancia Gamma 2026

Speaking of this model, here we show you our exclusive render that hypothesizes what the appearance of this car could be. The basis of this render is the Opel Experimental concept, which should give rise to the future Opel Manta, a car that should have many things in common with the future Lancia flagship. As we can see, it will be an elegant fastback with futuristic lines that will certainly not go unnoticed in the European car market. Carlos Tavares recently spoke about this model, saying that he had seen it in preview together with the new Lancia Delta and found the two cars splendid. The 2026 Lancia Gamma, like all future Lancia cars, will also have an HF version that will probably debut one year after the “standard” version, in 2027.