The power of merchandising: here’s how Stellantis make money from gadgets

Gloria Fiocchi Author
Stellantis and Ford: $1 billion a year through T-shirts, models, and soap
Stellantis merchandise

Stellantis and other automotive brands don’t just sell cars. Thanks to their brand printed on T-shirts, models, caps, and even logo-engraved soap, they generate well over $1 billion a year in merchandising sales.

Stellantis and Ford: over 1 billion from merchandising

Products with Stellantis and Ford logos are enjoying great success; we are talking about merchandise such as models, soap, and even classic T-shirts. Although they may seem to be poorly engraved products, they are still generating over a billion dollars each year for the automotive group. This is a great economic entry for all automakers who have discovered the immense power of merchandising.

The most outstanding example is certainly Ford’s Bronco Bricc soap. Of this product, 40,000 pieces were sold in only three days at $8 each. But not only Ford is taking advantage of the great opportunity offered by this market.

2024 Ford Bronco Dr.Squatch soap

Stellantis and General Motors are also riding the wave of success with their own branded products such as caps, T-shirts, basketballs, and even model cars for children. The Jeep brand, for example, had the bright idea of launching a line of work boots created under the Merrell brand. In addition to this, it also launched a collection with Warren Lotas that sold out in minutes as soon as it was made available to the public.

Demon SRT Hoodie-Back

Another example is Dodge, which instead partnered with Lego to create Charger and Challenger construction kits for children.

Dodge Charger Lego

Kim Adams House, Stellantis director of global licensing and merchandising, said the licensing program that is used for merchandising has grown by more than 100 percent over 2017. One of the most successful markets for the Jeep brand is Asia. In fact, on the eastern continent, there are several completely independent Jeep stores that sell hats shoes and shirts in large quantities. 

Jeep merchandising

So what could be the reasons for so much success on this side of the market for car manufacturers? One factor could certainly be the nostalgia people feel in reference to car logos evoking memories and passions in consumers, who, as a result, are willing to pay to have them with them at all times. Another aspect might be that of collectibles. Indeed, for many people, gadgets of their favorite brands become collector’s items that are kept for many, many years. And to end also the style of merchandising products that are often fashionable and eye-catching, so much so that they are highly appreciated even by those who are not car enthusiasts.

Stellantis logo

Given the success and the economic inputs that are generated, Stellantis is already planning to launch a new collaboration in the future with a famous lifestyle brand. All in all, as you may have guessed, merchandising is a fast-growing sector for car manufacturers, who now have at their disposal a new way to build customer loyalty and generate additional profits.