Stellantis to unveil details of its projects with Leapmotor on May 14

Francesco Armenio
Stellantis to reveal details of Leapmotor partnership at May 14 press conference.
Leapmotor T03

Stellantis has entered into a strategic partnership with Chinese automaker Leapmotor, acquiring a 20% stake in the company for €1.5 billion. The deal, which was finalized in 2023, is a significant step for the French-Italian automaker as it seeks to expand its presence in the Chinese market and accelerate its transition to electric mobility. Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares has confirmed that the company intends to sell Leapmotor vehicles in Europe as well. This move will allow the group to offer its customers a wider range of electric models, while also benefiting from Leapmotor’s technological expertise in the sector.

Stellantis will unveil the details of its partnership with Leapmotor at a press conference on May 14

Leapmotor C10

Stellantis will unveil details of its partnership with Leapmotor at a press conference on May 14. During the event, CEO Carlos Tavares and Leapmotor Chairman Zhu Jiangming will present plans for the collaboration, which include the production and marketing of Leapmotor electric vehicles outside of China. The conference will also mark the official debut of Leapmotor International, a joint venture controlled by Stellantis with a 51% stake.

Leapmotor is already very active in China, as images that have appeared on local social media show. Anticipation is growing to find out where the brand’s cars destined for the European market will be produced, although in recent weeks there has been talk of the Stellantis plant in Tychy, Poland, where the new Alfa Romeo Junior is also produced. Production is expected to start in 2026, using assembly kits from China.

Leapmotor is aiming to conquer Europe with an ambitious plan: 150,000 units produced per year and 500,000 sold by 2030. The company will begin marketing its first model, the T03 electric city car, as early as October, followed by the C10 SUV.