Stellantis opens a 50,000-unit annual capacity battery plant in Madrid

Gloria Fiocchi Author
Stellantis inaugurates in Madrid of a new plant dedicated to the assembly of batteries for the Citroën C4 and e-C4.
Stellantis Madrid battery plant

This is a essential stepping stone toward achieving the ambitious goals of the Dare Forward 2030 plan, which calls for the sale of only electric cars in Europe starting in 2030.

Stellantis Madrid: acceleration toward electric with new battery plants and focus on Citroën ë-C4

As we all know, the Stellantis automotive group is working quite seriously on electrification. It is precisely in this area that the commitment toward achieving these goals continues, and so in Europe plant openings continue. In fact, a new plant was recently inaugurated in Madrid that will be dedicated specifically to the assembly of batteries for the Citroën C4 and e-C4. Another very important big step forward for Stellantis, which continues its transformation process.

Located within the Madrid plant, the new department spans an area of 2,000 square meters and has an estimated production capacity of 50,000 batteries per year. The batteries that will be built within it, are composed of 17 lithium-ion modules and equipped with an electronic control system (BMU). These are parts that will be able to offer a capacity of 54 kWh and will have a weight of 340 kg.

Stellantis Madrid

Numerous quality controls are incorporated during the work process that aim to ensure the highest performance and perfect reliability of the batteries before they are assembled on the target vehicles. The entire plant has been equipped with all the latest necessary technologies for electrical and leakage testing to ensure that the final recipients, i.e., the customers who will buy the cars, can be assured of maximum product safety. 

The increased demand in the market for Citroën C4 and e-C4 electric cars gave Stellantis the necessary motivation to build this new facility. In fact, the two cars have already reached 25 percent of the Madrid plant’s daily production, even reaching 50 percent on some days. This important change, will give the facility the opportunity to be able to optimize logistics and production efficiency. In addition, the plant will also now be able to handle possible fluctuations in demand for electric vehicles with great flexibility. 

The new Madrid plant is being described as a big step forward in Stellantis’ Dare Forward 2030 electrification strategy, which calls for the sale of only electric cars in Europe starting in the year 2030.

Importantly, keeping with the sustainability aspect toward which we are moving with great speed, Stellantis has implemented a photovoltaic panel system at the Madrid plant. To be precise, 17,000 panels have been installed on the roof and 2,000 on the canopies covering 36.4 percent of the plant’s energy needs, for an installed capacity of 7.8 MWp. The opening of the new battery plant in Madrid is another major “green” investment by Stellantis