Stellantis: new leadership for the big comeback in North America

Francesco Armenio
Stellantis aims to reverse declining North American market share with strategic leadership changes.
Stellantis Auburn Hills

We cannot say otherwise, Stellantis’ market share in North America is declining. Ground is being lost against other major and important brands, especially when we talk about groups like General Motors. However, the automotive company led by CEO Carlos Tavares has implemented a strategy to reverse the trend. It all starts with a change at the top, with a new management group.

Stellantis struggling in North America: strategy changes starting from management


In recent months, the company has announced various changes in its executive team, and there’s much talk about how to lead Stellantis even more incisively in this key market. Recently, a new COO, new CEOs for the Jeep, Dodge, and Ram brands, and a new marketing direction have arrived.

Carlos Zarlenga, appointed COO for North America in February, made clear the new principles to follow from here on during Stellantis’ Investor Day presentation on June 13. Zarlenga stated that Stellantis has reorganized its sales team, increasing resources in contact with customers.

The COO for North America emphasized Stellantis North America’s most recent appointment, Rajoielle Register, now Senior Vice President of Marketing. “We just hired a new head of marketing for North America. We’re very excited to have her on our team,” he said. “We think we’ll make many transformations that will have a big impact.” With Register’s hiring, Stellantis wants to revamp its marketing operations, social media, website, analytics, and paid media, allowing for “centralized decision-making to support a results-oriented culture,” as stated in a press release.

During the presentation, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares also highlighted that there are still two “key positions” to find the right fit for in North America. “We will continue to strengthen our talent pool in North America to be competitive at the highest levels,” Tavares stated.

Stellantis Carlos Tavares

The new appointments have seen, so far, in order: Rajoielle Register, Senior Vice President Marketing, Stellantis North America, from June 4; Chris Feuell, CEO of Ram and Chrysler brand, from June 1; Matt McAlear, CEO of Dodge brand, from June 1; Carlos Zarlenga, COO of North America, from February 1; Antonio Filosa, CEO of Jeep brand, from November 2023.

Just last month, Stellantis announced further upheavals regarding its global leadership team. The company appointed Luca Napolitano as head of sales and marketing, Olivier Bourges as head of customer experience, and Clara Ingen-Housz as head of the global corporate office and public affairs. Bourges replaced Richard Schwarzwald, former chief customer experience officer, who recently resigned in May.