New Fiat Panda: first teaser of the new generation unveiled

Francesco Armenio
The debut of the new generation of Fiat Panda is approaching, and the car manufacturer is starting to publish the first teasers.
Fiat Panda teaser 2024

There is less and less time left until the debut of the new generation of Fiat Panda, which will be totally different from the current version. For this very reason, both models will remain on sale on the market simultaneously, with the “old” version taking the name “Pandina”. Although Fiat had shown a concept a few months ago that gave a preview of what the new Panda will be, it has never released too many hints about it. At least until today.

New Fiat Panda: the first teaser shows the design of the wheels and the front bumper

New Fiat Panda

Starting from July 2024, what we knew as the Fiat Panda Hybrid will officially retire, to make room for its updated twin “Pandina”. As happened with the Fiat 500 Hybrid, which however will return to the market only in 2026, the old Panda will necessarily have to make room for the “Pandina”, since new regulations will come into force that require the provision of mandatory ADAS, which the current model lacks at the moment.

Again in July, on the 11th to be precise, the new generation of Fiat Panda will debut, which will be completely different from the current model (and the “Pandina”). This model will be the “twin” of the Citroen C3, so we could already have an idea of the final design. In the last few hours, the Instagram profile of Fiat has published a story showing the design of the wheels and, although not clearly, that of the front bumper, which seems very similar to that of the concept car shown a few months ago by the car manufacturer itself. The color of the bodywork is a very bright yellow.

New Fiat Panda

We remind you that the new generation of Fiat Panda, despite growing in size and having a length of about 4 meters, will be a simple and essential car that will recall, in some ways, the first generation of Panda from the 80s. The new Panda will be based on the Smart Car platform and, for the first time, will also be offered in a fully electric version. However, versions with an internal combustion engine will not be missing. The new Fiat Panda, which will be produced in Serbia, will also land in North Africa and South America, although in this market it should sport a different name. While waiting to discover further news about the model, we leave you with a view of the first teaser.