Jeep Renegade, the 100% electric version will have an “affordable price”

Francesco Armenio
Stellantis unveils plans for a fully electric Jeep Renegade, set to launch in 2027 with an affordable price tag.
New Jeep Renegade

In the coming years, there will be several new developments from Stellantis, particularly regarding Jeep. The brand’s CEO, Antonio Filosa, recently unveiled some updates on the automaker’s electrification journey. In fact, this week, plans emerged to bring the Jeep Renegade back among the world’s best-selling SUVs.

Jeep Renegade will have an affordable price to recapture the American market

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During a presentation to shareholders, Filosa outlined strategies that include an electric version of Jeep’s highly successful model. “We want to recapture the U.S. market and strengthen our global presence with the new Renegade,” stated the Jeep executive, expressing great confidence in the success of the new features that will be introduced with the next generation.

The main objective remains to renew the Renegade, making it an even more robust compact SUV on the outside and technologically advanced on the inside. All this cannot be done without continuing on the path of electrifying the range. Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, announced that the new generation of the Jeep Renegade will include a fully electric version, scheduled for launch in mid-2027. The most exciting news is the introduction of a fully electric variant.

According to Tavares, the electric version will also have an affordable price, an element that plays a decidedly prominent role. The goal of a contained cost is clearly aimed at regaining the trust of U.S. consumers. Stellantis intends to sell the electric Renegade with a starting price of about $25,000, which is very affordable given the average price of American electric SUVs.

Jeep Renegade render

Technical specifications of the SUV have not yet been disclosed, nor have the markets, besides the United States, where the new fully electric model will be available. Brazil could also be an important market, given the growing interest in electric vehicles.