Hennessey Mammoth 400: tuning based on RAM 1500 with Viper-inspired livery

Francesco Armenio
Hennessey unveils the Mammoth 400, a RAM 1500 Laramie with Dodge Viper-inspired livery.
Hennessey Mammoth 400 Ram 1500

The Hennessey Mammoth 400 is the result of tuning based on the 2024 RAM 1500 Laramie. In this form, the American pickup gains an even more vigorous appearance. The company founded by John Hennessey near Houston, Texas, has added some accessories to its limited series interpretation of the iconic vehicle that increase the scope of its “muscles”.

Hennessey Mammoth 400: Ram 1500 with Dodge Viper livery unveiled

Hennessey Mammoth 400 Ram 1500

The model includes new bumpers, generously sized side skirts, painted fenders, and carbon fiber splitters. The livery further enhances its visual energy, with a trio of paint schemes that pay homage to Dodge Vipers, based on Red, White, and Blue chromatics. Adding further aesthetic vigor are the 22-inch alloy wheels, with satin black or glossy black finish. The package also includes a Borla exhaust system with carbon fiber tips.

Among the upgrades made to the RAM 1500 Laramie are the lowered RideTech suspensions with FOX shocks. The goal is to lower the pickup’s center of gravity, giving it more sporty handling. Thus, the Hennessey Mammoth 400 improves the handling and agility of the base model, supporting the dynamic promises of the aesthetic kit.

Hennessey Mammoth 400 Ram 1500

Power is ensured by a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine. This suggests that under the hood of this RAM 1500 Laramie there are 400 HP and 555 Nm of torque. Prices have not been revealed at the moment, but they should be disclosed soon. The Hennessey Mammoth 400, which will be in a limited edition of only 250 units, will know how to gain the spotlight in many contexts, especially attracting the interest and curiosity of pickup and Dodge Viper enthusiasts.