Ferrari offers up to 16 years of warranty for its hybrids and 8 for electric cars

Francesco Armenio
The Ferrari models included in this new battery warranty program are the various versions of the SF90, the 296 GTB, and the 296 GTS.
Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Observing the automotive revolution towards electrification, one can’t help but notice how hybrid cars are achieving remarkable success in terms of sales. In this context, plug-in hybrids are considered crucial in the transition to electric vehicles. There are also significant announcements, such as Ferrari declaring that it can offer a warranty of up to 16 years for these vehicles.

Ferrari: more details arrive on the subscription for warranty extension for hybrid and electric vehicle batteries

Ferrari 296 GTB

The Italian brand, although initially reluctant to introduce electric motors in its range, has already included PHEVs in its lineup and is about to launch its first fully electric car. Attention at the moment is focused on plug-in hybrid models, for which Ferrari has introduced two new warranty extension services. It must be admitted that this is a significant advantage. It involves the “free” replacement of the vehicle’s battery.

The Ferrari models included in this new battery warranty program are SF90 Stradale, SF90 Spider, SF90 XX Stradale, SF90 XX Spider, 296 GTB, and 296 GTS. Ferrari also emphasizes that anyone who owns one of these models, even if the basic three-year warranty has currently expired, can purchase the extension made available by the Prancing Horse.

Two programs are available: the “Hybrid Warranty” extension and “Power Hybrid”. Both can be renewed every two or four years, regardless of the vehicle’s age. Ferrari plug-in hybrids have a standard five-year warranty on hybrid components, but with the “Hybrid Warranty” extension, coverage is extended to the entire vehicle. Upon reaching the eighth year, Ferrari commits to replacing the car’s high-voltage battery free of charge. It should be remembered that this is one of the most expensive elements of the vehicle. The Power Hybrid program extends the factory warranty on all major components of the propulsion system. This also includes those of the hybrid system, from the eighth to the sixteenth year.

Ferrari 296 GTB

Finally, at the sixteenth year, the hybrid vehicle’s battery is replaced. If the owner sells the vehicle, the coverage can be transferred to the new owner. But that’s not all: in case of technological advancements, the battery will be replaced with the most modern version, and therefore better than the previous one. The same strategy will be used for the brand’s upcoming electric cars, including the first one which should be an SUV/crossover. In this case too, the battery will be replaced every eight years. The cost, obviously, is not exactly low: according to the latest rumors, the annual subscription price is 7,000 euros.