Ferrari 430 Spider destroyed in an accident due to wet asphalt

Francesco Armenio
Wet asphalt is very dangerous, as this Ferrari 430 Spider owner learned when they lost control of the car.
Ferrari F430 Spider Norwich

Wet asphalt is very dangerous, especially when behind the wheel of a supercar as in this case. On a road in Norwich, UK, a Ferrari F430 Spider lost control and crashed off the road, causing extensive damage to the vehicle.

Ferrari F430 Spider destroyed due to wet asphalt

Ferrari 275 GTB/4 of Scaglietti

The scene was captured by nearby security cameras. The car appears almost out of nowhere from behind a bend, advances and suddenly starts to skid, and the consequences are clearly visible. The incident occurred in the city of Norwich, along its Rose Lane; the car appears to be coming from Maidstone Road and then begins to lose control of its rear wheels and swerves violently, until it crashes into some roadside bicycle racks and then into a concrete support.

The footage from the two cameras does not offer a clear view of the event, so much so that it is not possible to say with absolute certainty the model in question, which however appears to be an F430 Spider, distinguished by a striking red livery. Some passers-by were also present at the scene, who fortunately were not involved in the accident.

The car, after the impact, was bounced to the other side of the road, in the opposite lane to its direction of travel. The reasons that led to the impact seem to be due to the difficult weather conditions, which have been consistently affecting the entire UK in recent months. A demonstration of the real risks of wet asphalt. The Ferrari has suffered obvious structural damage to the front and, as can be seen from the video, to one of the rear wheels, but the engine, which is mounted in the rear position, should not have suffered any damage.

However, this is not the first time that supercars have been destroyed due to wet asphalt and rain. One example is an accident involving a Ferrari SF90 Stradale, which became one of the most expensive accidents ever.