Stellantis: Leapmotor officially presents its new SUV C16

Francesco Armenio
Leapmotor introduces the C16 SUV in China, offering electric and hybrid versions.
Leapmotor C16

Leapmotor has unveiled its latest vehicle in China, the C16 SUV, which will be available in both fully electric and hybrid versions, and will likely be sold in the European market thanks to the collaboration with Stellantis. With a length of 4,915 meters, width of 1,905 meters, height of 1,770 meters, and a wheelbase of 2,825 meters, the Leapmotor C16 can accommodate up to six people. The vehicle has a second row with individual seats, but can also have a full three-seat bench.

Leapmotor has launched the new C16 in China: first details revealed

Leapmotor C16

The Leapmotor C16 doesn’t rely on innovative aesthetics common in Chinese cars, but seeks a more conservative look. The model follows in the footsteps of the smaller C10, consequently featuring soft curves, flush-mounted door handles, and LED lighting units. These are complemented by a panoramic glass roof and 20-inch alloy wheels.

Inside, the environment is minimalist and premium-looking, with many futuristic details, such as the 14.6-inch multimedia and entertainment screens on the roof, with a similar retractable display between the two sunroofs. Second and third-row passengers will be able to watch TV or streaming programs during the journey and enjoy a 21-speaker audio system.

Using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295P chip, the Leapmotor C16 fuses data from 32 sensors scattered throughout the car with the LiDAR laser radar to create its semi-autonomous driving system. Therefore, the C16 can circulate on flowing and more congested roads with this technology, thus meeting the demands of Chinese consumers.

Leapmotor C16

High-end variants are more luxurious and feature a three-zone climate control system, as well as heated and ventilated seats in the first and second rows. Customers can also get a premium 21-speaker audio system, a 15.6-inch rear entertainment system, and an intelligent pilot driving assistance system that uses a LiDAR sensor.

The fully electric version has a 292 horsepower motor, allowing the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds. Its battery, on the other hand, allows a range of 520 km on a single charge. The plug-in hybrid version mounts a 231 horsepower 1.5 naturally aspirated engine, paired with an electric unit. This version uses a 28.4 kWh battery, which gives the SUV a range of 200 km in electric mode. The price of the extended range variant starts at ¥ 155,800 ($21,439), while the fully electric model starts at ¥ 161,800 ($22,264).