Stellantis: Ionna chooses Durham as its headquarters

Francesco Armenio
Ionna, a joint venture of Stellantis together with other automotive companies, has announced the location of its headquarters.

Ionna, the charging network founded through a collaboration between the world’s leading car manufacturers like BMW, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Kia and Stellantis, has announced that its global headquarters will be in Durham, North Carolina. The news comes after the company received regulatory approval and began operations in February.

New headquarters for Ionna, the Stellantis Joint Venture, revealed


With a new headquarters, Ionna can now accelerate its launch plans for 2024. Durham, with its thriving research ecosystem and leading universities, provides the ideal backdrop for the company’s operations. The area’s dynamic blend of technological talent and commitment to innovation mirrors the joint venture’s mission to develop and implement a cutting-edge charging experience for customers.

“We are thrilled to call Durham home,” said Seth Cutler, CEO of Ionna. “The area’s established history of research, innovation, and its vibrant, growing community make it the perfect place for the company to come together, thrive, and pioneer. I’m excited to grow a cross-functional team that will carry our company’s vision forward from our new base.”

“Ionna’s decision to make Durham County its headquarters confirms our global reputation for the electric vehicle industry,” said North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper. “This cutting-edge company and its founding automakers will benefit from North Carolina’s innovative ecosystem, highly skilled workforce, and central location to bring its pioneering technology to market.”

Ionna also announced the appointment of several key executives to its leadership group, including a CFO, CPO, and COO, with the goal of building a leading North American charging network comprised of over 30,000 ultra-fast charging stations. The joint venture plans to open its first charging stations in the United States in 2024.

Ionna logo

Derek Rush joins Ionna as the new Chief Financial Officer. Derek, previously CFO of bp pulse, will oversee all financial operations and strategies. His extensive background in financial leadership within the energy sector will enable him to steer the company towards sustainable growth. “Joining Ionna represents a unique opportunity to contribute to a new company while simultaneously helping the industry progress. I am excited to be part of this pivotal juncture in the future of sustainable mobility solutions,” commented Derek.

Ricardo Stamatti joins Ionna as Chief Product Officer, bringing a unique vision for the company and key competencies from his previous role as Global SVP of Stellantis Energy. Ricardo will lead the vision, strategy, and execution of product development and commercial efforts, ensuring the joint venture builds high-fidelity products that meet customers’ most pressing needs and the company’s ambitious business goals. “I am honored and excited to have the opportunity to join this industry-leading company in developing innovative products that will rewrite the current industry landscape and delight customers nationwide,” he said.

Shankar Muthukumar assumes the role of Chief Operating Officer, bringing with him extensive results-oriented experience from his tenure as Managing Director of Mortenson’s e-mobility division. Shankar will manage all operational aspects of Ionna’s expanding network, ensuring its systems not only raise the bar for reliability and efficiency but are also scalable to meet the company’s future vision. “I am excited to join this company’s mission to achieve record growth, uptime, and quality KPIs and also proudly deliver a 1:1 ratio. The company will strive to be a lossless algorithm in translating what we say about how we operate and deliver,” stated Shankar.

These leaders bring a blend of innovation, strategic vision, and operational excellence that will propel Ionna forward at a time when the market needs it most. Each executive’s unique background and competencies align with the commitment to set new industry benchmarks. In addition to these key appointments, the company has also hired other top-tier professionals from various industries and will continue to grow the team to help achieve the company’s ambitious goals.