Stellantis Investor Day 2024: here are the highlights of today’s meeting

Francesco Armenio
During Stellantis’ first Investor Day, the Group ensured a significant return of capital to shareholders thanks to a solid business model.

A little more than three years after its founding, Stellantis has successfully established itself as a world-leading automotive manufacturer and, above all, as a producer that, through the implementation of its long-term strategic plan Dare Forward 2030, is in an even better position to seize opportunities and face the challenges that await the automotive industry. Today, on the occasion of Stellantis’ first Investor Day, CEO Carlos Tavares highlighted nine key factors of strategic differentiation that the company is leveraging to create value and address a rapidly evolving global automotive market.

Stellantis will ensure a substantial return of capital to shareholders, thanks to a profitable business model

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“Today we are a unique company by our very nature and a powerful automaker in terms of performance, perfectly equipped to overcome difficult times and win long-term challenges. Our international presence, our strong portfolio of brands, and the diversity of our products, ranging from quadricycles to luxury cars, allow us to reach an enviable number of customers,” said Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis.

“Consumers around the world are looking for safe, clean, and affordable mobility solutions. This is our reason for being. We are about to make a technological generational leap with the arrival of a wave of innovative products designed using multi-energy platforms and flexible operations, with above-average company profitability in our commercial vehicle business. Together with the activation of our exclusive partnership with Chinese new energy vehicle manufacturer Leapmotor, we are confident that we can offer our customers the products and services they expect while delivering a strong return to our shareholders, this year and beyond,” continued the Portuguese manager. In addition to summarizing the company’s key strategic differentiators, which offer exceptional opportunities, the Executive Committee members also provided updates on the company’s various businesses.

Carlos Zarlenga, Chief Operating Officer for North America, discussed actions taken in 2024 to restore market share, improve inventory dynamics, and leverage specific low-emission vehicle growth opportunities in the medium term. Uwe Hochgeschurtz, Chief Operating Officer for Enlarged Europe, examined the many facets of the company’s response to growing competition from Chinese OEMs. Samir Cherfan, Chief Operating Officer for the Middle East and Africa, detailed the many benefits of an increasingly localized approach to serving the region, supporting the remarkable growth and profitability of Stellantis’ “third engine”.


Antonio Filosa, CEO of Jeep, Chris Feuell, CEO of Ram, and Linda Jackson, CEO of Peugeot, explained how a powerful and strategically focused product wave is expanding mutual market opportunities. Ned Curic, Chief Engineering and Technology Officer, Maxime Picat, Chief Purchasing and Supply Chain Officer, and Arnaud Deboeuf, Chief Manufacturing Officer, highlighted Stellantis’ extraordinary value chain management, based on flexible platforms, products and operations, with multi-energy capabilities, able to respond to various scenarios.

Natalie Knight, CFO, also presented a financial analysis highlighting the key factors of Stellantis’ performance and considerations for 2024. “Stellantis is decisively addressing short-term challenges, including inventory optimization, while simultaneously executing a generational product transition,” Knight said. “Despite short-term difficulties, we remain confident in our ability to deliver double-digit profitability, among the best manufacturers in the world, while continuing to provide exceptional returns to shareholders.”