Stellantis introduces e-Routes, the copilot for traveling with electric vehicles

Francesco Armenio
Stellantis introduces e-Routes: a smart mobile app for electric vehicles, offering real-time navigation and charging station recommendations across Europe.
Stellantis e-Routes

e-Routes is a Stellantis mobile application designed specifically for fully electric vehicles. It’s perfectly compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and connected to real-time vehicle data. The app alleviates range anxiety by recommending optimal charging stations along each route.

The e-Routes app will be distributed to all Stellantis brands in Europe this summer


Stellantis launched e-Routes with Citroën in October 2023 and has gradually extended its advanced features to connected and fully electric vehicles from Peugeot, DS Automobiles, Opel, and Vauxhall. The app is currently available in all European countries and from summer 2024 also for Fiat (600e), Fiat Professional (E-Scudo and E-Doblò), Alfa Romeo Junior Elettrica, Jeep Avenger, and Lancia Ypsilon Elettrica.

e-Routes was primarily developed for customers who purchased a connected electric vehicle without a navigation system. The main goal is to provide an intelligent route planning solution that always provides updated navigation instructions based on real-time vehicle data such as battery charge level, battery capacity, or air temperature. e-Routes promises its users less range anxiety on long trips thanks to precise suggestions on the most efficient charging stations along the route.

Thanks to the connection with dynamic vehicle data and consumption specifications, the app offers personalized and intelligent planning based on vehicle characteristics. It allows for a complete navigation experience, from planning to routing, including real-time traffic information, speed camera alerts, and voice instructions.

“We develop technological solutions that enrich the electric driving experience and simplify the management of electric vehicles,” says Rodolphe Huet, VP of Stellantis, responsible for electric vehicle software products and navigation services. “Stellantis uses software to transform the driving experience and offers the power of connected services to make our customers’ lives easier, their journeys safer, and their travels more exciting.”

Stellantis e-Routes

Directly on the smartphone or even more conveniently via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in the infotainment system on the vehicle’s central screen, e-Routes intuitively supports customers in trip planning, guides them to their destination, and suggests the most efficient charging stations on-site and their travel route to follow. All of this is adapted to the driver’s preferences, including payment options and desired minimum battery level.

Navigation to each charging station is simplified thanks to real-time traffic information and dynamic updates on the vehicle’s charging status. This allows customers to recalculate their journey if conditions change. For example, if driving faster than originally planned, e-Routes informs the driver of new route options and suggests anticipating charging times to ensure arrival at the destination according to predefined preferences, such as a specific minimum rate level upon arrival.

e-Routes was developed by Stellantis’ software department and is powered by an advanced routing algorithm, considered a benchmark in the market, which calculates the most appropriate route taking into account the location of charging stations, their quality (number and characteristics of terminals at each station), and their availability (information on available, in-use, or out-of-service terminals).


A continuous connection to the vehicle dynamically shares necessary vehicle data (battery charge status, battery capacity, air temperature, etc.) with e-Routes to provide accurate information such as estimated range and charge status upon arrival. Thanks to the telematic box, this connection allows direct access to key data and does not require an additional dongle. Additionally, various connected navigation features are available with constantly updated and high-quality maps, complemented by high-level routing, real-time traffic information, and a full range of services such as speed limits, road closures, or hazards.

Furthermore, precise suggestions on real-time availability of charging stations are provided for each trip, so customers know if a station is occupied or free. When planning a trip to a recommended charging station, nearby restaurants, bars, and hotels are also displayed, so drivers can decide whether to use the charging time for a coffee or plan the trip based on the availability of certain services. Additionally, e-Routes is able, depending on availability, to estimate the cost of each charging session, so that the total cost of charging needed for the trip is known in advance.

Finally, users can activate voice guidance when starting the journey to receive suggestions along the route. This means the trip can be fully enjoyed, supported by real-time traffic information and speed alerts.

e-Routes is included in the Connect Plus package – or as a standalone service for customers who purchased their vehicle before July 3, 2023. Connect Plus, the connected services package with numerous features, allows customers to easily interact with their car remotely and also ensures a safe and exciting experience on board. This package is available in a special trial period included in the vehicle price, which varies depending on the brand. After expiration, a subscription is required to continue using all the features included in the package.