Stellantis cuts its workforce by an additional 2,500 employees

Francesco Armenio
Stellantis has reached an agreement with the unions for the early retirement of 1,520 workers in the Turin, Italy plants.
Stellantis auto

Following the announcement of layoffs of 400 employees in the United States, Stellantis is further reducing its workforce. This time, however, it is not a question of layoffs. The Group has announced that it has reached an agreement with Italian unions for early retirement for over 1,500 employees through an incentive system.

Over 1,520 Stellantis employees have accepted early retirement


This announcement adds to the many others in recent months, showing how Stellantis is reducing the number of employees in all its plants. The 1,520 Stellantis employees who have accepted early retirement with the payment of incentives represent 12 percent of the total employees of the automotive group in that area of the country. In total, there will be over 2,500 departures planned in the various Italian plants of the company led by Carlos Tavares. According to FIOM, the only union that did not sign the agreement, this cut will end up having a very negative impact on the supply chain of component suppliers and also on the automotive group itself.

Michele De Palma, general secretary of Fiom-Cgil, and Samuele Lodi, national secretary of Fiom-Cgil, ask the government to summon Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, before it is too late. According to the trade unionists, in Italy a situation has been reached with no possibility of return and mentioned that what Tavares announced in recent weeks about the centrality of Italy has been denied by the reality of the facts. It is not excluded that in the coming weeks there will be further cuts in personnel in other plants of the Group, as already happened in the United States. The motivation given by Stellantis for the cuts in the US was the “competitive pressures” that the current market is going through, especially the electric car market.