Stellantis at FILASA: top legal and finance departments in Brazil’s auto industry honored

Gloria Fiocchi Author
Stellantis on center stage at the Finance & Law Summit and Awards: top automotive legal and finance departments in Brazil honored
Stellantis at FILASA

Stellantis won double recognition at the FILASA (5th Finance & Law Summit and Awards), establishing itself as a leader in the Brazilian legal and financial landscape

Stellantis received double recognition at the Finance & Law Summit and Awards (FILASA). We are talking about an event that is organized to bring together the leading legal and financial players in the state of Brazil. In particular, it is also seen as an opportunity to celebrate the best legal and financial teams, stay up-to-date on the latest trends and through panels and workshops, and expand its network of contacts with possible clients and partners. In this edition, Stellantis received awards for its group legal and finance departments and were voted the best in the automotive sector.

A certificate that rewarded the great work being done by Stellantis in Brazil, with particular reference to two innovative initiatives. The first is Game Garagem Stellantis, which is an educational game that was created and designed to promote the Code of Conduct and Compliance issues among employees. This is an engaging and educational initiative that was able to reach over 27,000 people in 12 months. The second is Finance25: in this case we are talking about a digital transformation program that has completely changed the way the finance department works. In particular, it included 178 automations and the adoption of a business process management system (BPMS). At the Finance & Law Summit and Awards, Stellantis not only won awards, but also unveiled its vision for the future: to become the leading Mobility Tech Company in the industry

Emanuele Cappellano, Stellantis President for South America, said that at the top of the company they are very proud of this double recognition, which undoubtedly certifies Stellantis’ commitment to innovation and excellence in all in all its areas. Cappellano also added to his statement that these awards are a strong encouragement to continue the work in this way, always aiming for constant improvement and value creation for Brazilian customers and the country.

Stellantis FILASA

The Finance & Law Summit and Awards are given according to a rigorous selection process that involves an annual survey and a final vote by a jury of industry experts. For this very reason, Márcio de Lima Leite, Stellantis Senior Vice President Legal and Institutional Relations for South America said that receiving such an award from such esteemed professionals is an honor for Stellantis, confirming the value of the work that is done every single day. He also added that as far as the legal department is concerned, the corporate priority is to protect the reputation of the group itself by effectively managing each and every legal risk. The award therefore, confirms that the path is the correct one, and that Stellantis is operating with the best practices in the industry.

Fernando Scatena, Stellantis’ CFO for South America, also wanted to express great satisfaction with the recognition received. He said that the finance department that was awarded stands out for its innovation and constant search for solutions that always have as their first objective to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processes. 

The success of Stellantis at the Finance & Law Summit and Awards therefore confirms the group’s leadership in the automotive sector in Brazil and further increases the company’s commitment to increasingly focus on innovation and sustainable growth; rather important factors nowadays in trying to change and improve the environment around us.