Ram Rampage marks first anniversary with 20,000 units sold and multiple awards

Francesco Armenio
Ram Rampage celebrates its first anniversary with over 20,000 units sold in South America and a 205% growth in Brazil
Ram Rampage

Thanks to a successful strategy that has increased Ram sales month after month since its launch, the Ram Rampage pickup celebrates its first anniversary. Present for only a year in some South American markets, the model has already surpassed the threshold of 20,000 units sold in the region. In addition to its success in Brazil, the model is also sold in other markets, such as Argentina and Chile.

Ram Rampage celebrates a year of market success with impressive numbers


Speaking specifically about Brazil, Ram Rampage has already sold more than 19,000 units in the first twelve months since its debut. Considering only 2024, there are already just over 10,000 units and a constant presence in the ranking of best-selling pickups. The arrival of the first Ram pickup, designed and developed in Brazil, has also increased the brand’s presence in the national territory. Considering the accumulated sales in 2024, compared to the same period last year, Ram’s growth is 205%.

2024 marks an important milestone for Ram: October marks 15 years since its independence as a brand. This anniversary is crowned with exceptional results: in addition to increased sales, Ram has expanded its presence in Brazilian territory, opening 125 dealerships.

The Rampage pickup, created at the Stellantis Complex in Goiana, embodies the distinctive characteristics of Ram vehicles such as robustness, performance, luxury, and technology, in a new market segment for the brand, strategic for Brazil and South America. The project, supported by international teams, involved over 800 Brazilian professionals including engineers and technicians, with more than 1.2 million hours of work dedicated to development.

Ram Rampage

Ram Rampage has achieved remarkable success not only among consumers but also among industry experts. In 2023, it won eleven of the sixteen awards won by Ram in Brazil. Among the recognitions received are “Best pickup” at the Car Awards Brazil 2024, “Best body design” at the Troféu 2023 SAE Brasil Car Body, and an award for dynamic behavior and safety from Mecânica Online.

The model has received further significant recognitions: ‘Car of the Year’ by popular vote at the Estadão Mobility Award, ‘Light Commercial and Pickup Launch’ at the AutoData Award, ‘Intermediate Pickup’ at Carsughi L’Auto Preferita 2023, ‘Medium Pickup’ and ‘Car of the Year’ at ABIAUTO 2023. Additionally, at the Top Car TV certification, it won as ‘Best pickup above R$191,000’ and ‘Top Car of the Year’.

Beyond its absolute success in sales and awards, the Ram Rampage pickup has also achieved an unprecedented feat in the automotive sector, running non-stop for 24 hours on the Panamerican Circuit, Pirelli’s test track, inside São Paulo, certified by CBA, the Brazilian Motorsport Confederation.

Recently, Ram has also introduced a new variant for Rampage, the Laramie Night Edition. In this configuration, equipped with the 2.0L Hurricane 4 engine producing 272 horsepower, the typical chrome parts of the Laramie version give way to glossy black or body-colored parts, and the interiors feature black leather and black roof and door linings.