Opel Mokka now available in hybrid version with 48 Volt technology

Francesco Armenio
The eye-catching Opel Mokka SUV arrives on the market in a hybrid version with 48-volt technology for the first time.
Opel Mokka Hybrid

Opel continues to expand its hybrid portfolio with the introduction of the Opel Mokka featuring 48-volt technology. The new Opel Mokka Hybrid with its electrified powertrain can now be ordered in Europe. The combination of a 100 kW (136 hp) turbocharged petrol engine, a 21 kW (28 hp) electric motor, and a six-speed electrified dual-clutch transmission helps reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 20 percent. At low speeds, the Mokka Hybrid also operates in purely electric, emission-free mode.

Opel Mokka Hybrid now available in Europe

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Patrick Dinger, Managing Director of Opel Germany, stated: “The new Opel Mokka Hybrid with 48-volt technology sits between the fully electric and conventional drivetrains in our Mokka range. The new electrified hybrid system makes driving the vehicle even more efficient for our customers. Those who have not yet sat behind the wheel of an electric car can experience the benefits of pure electric driving in the city firsthand.”

In addition to the three-cylinder turbo engine specifically developed for hybrid use, the new Opel Mokka Hybrid’s system includes a 48-volt lithium-ion battery that automatically recharges during deceleration. The electric motor then acts as a generator, and no external power source such as a power outlet or charging station is required to supply electricity to the vehicle. Electric drive, on the other hand, assists the petrol engine during acceleration and starting from a standstill. The electric motor’s torque is delivered primarily at low engine speeds, benefiting driving dynamics and CO2 savings. At low speeds, the electric motor also enables fully electric driving for up to one kilometer or up to 50% of the time in the city. The optimally coordinated system is designed to always provide the best performance with the lowest energy consumption.

This means a fuel saving of around 20% compared to a conventionally powered model. While the analogous non-electrified Mokka 1.2 Turbo with an eight-speed automatic transmission consumes 6.1 liters per 100 kilometers, estimated according to the WLTP cycle, the new Opel Mokka Hybrid consumes only 4.9 liters per 100 km.

Opel Mokka Hybrid

The optimal coordination of all hybrid system components not only increases fuel efficiency but also significantly reflects in a high level of driving comfort. Depending on their preferences, Mokka Hybrid drivers can choose between Eco, Normal, and Sport driving modes. To accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h, the new Mokka Hybrid takes just 9.1 seconds and can accelerate up to a top speed of 207 km/h. Thanks to the compact structure of the hybrid system, no interior space is lost.

As usual, Mokka Hybrid drivers can keep an eye on all important information via the fully digital Pure Panel, including the driver information center and color touchscreen. In addition to the usual information, it also displays further details on the electrified operation. Hybrid-specific, for example, are the permanent power and speed indicators, where the numbers illuminate in blue during purely electric driving and white during combustion engine driving.

Another display shows the energy flow between the battery, petrol engine, and wheels, as well as the battery’s state of charge in different colors. The most important data related to distance traveled, trip duration, average consumption, remaining range, and percentage of the route exclusively in electric mode can be read via the trip summary when the vehicle is switched off.