New Alfa Romeo GTV: what do we know so far and what it could be like

Francesco Armenio
Here’s how the future flagship of the Stellantis premium brand, the new Alfa Romeo GTV, could potentially look.
Alfa Romeo GTV

The new Alfa Romeo GTV is one of the most eagerly anticipated vehicles among brand enthusiasts who hope to see the legendary name Gran Turismo Veloce on a sporty and refined coupe once again. The new GTV was initially announced in 2018 as part of Alfa Romeo‘s industrial plan, but since then, official updates on its development have been scarce. However, according to some rumors, the vehicle is still in the works and might make its debut by 2027, thanks to the involvement of the Stellantis group. Let’s explore what we know so far and envision the potential characteristics of the new Alfa Romeo GTV.

This is how the new Alfa Romeo GTV could potentially appear

The upcoming GTV is expected to be built upon the STLA Large platform, the same that will underpin the future generations of Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio. It would be a four-seater, four-door coupe with a sleek and dynamic design, drawing inspiration, particularly from the iconic Alfa Romeo SZ, especially in its distinctive truncated tail. The future Biscione car is destined to be a high-performance vehicle. Rumor even suggests that the Quadrifoglio version, the future flagship, could boast over 1,000 horsepower and accelerate from 0 to 100 in just 2 seconds.

Alfa Romeo GTV

Regarding this forthcoming Biscione vehicle, from which we should soon receive significant confirmations, there will also be a particular focus on technology and connectivity. Expect a state-of-the-art multimedia system, a digital dashboard, an array of driving assistance features, and an electric driving mode. The car will offer an exhilarating and enjoyable driving experience while ensuring comfort and safety, thanks to the quality of materials, attention to detail, and an array of safety features. Here, we present one of the numerous renders that have surfaced online, providing a glimpse of what the design of the new Alfa Romeo GTV could be when it is finally unveiled.