Is the new Alfa Romeo GTV set to be the brand’s next flagship model?

Francesco Armenio
The Alfa Romeo GTV could be one of the next high-end cars from the Italian brand, but its future remains uncertain.
Alfa Romeo GTV

The new Alfa Romeo GTV is one of the cars that has been frequently mentioned when discussing the brand’s future. However, despite all the talk, it is still unclear whether this car will actually be launched on the market. Among the cars that have been officially confirmed for Alfa Romeo’s future is the Milano, which will debut on April 10th, the second generation of the Stelvio and the Giulia, which will arrive on the market in 2025 and 2026 respectively.

Will the new Alfa Romeo GTV really hit the market?

Alfa Romeo GTV

At the moment, these are the only cars confirmed by the Italian automaker. If sales go well in the next few years, then other models could be confirmed. Among these could also be the new Alfa Romeo GTV. Until recently, there was talk of two new Alfa Romeo E-segment cars. The first to arrive will be an E-segment SUV, which could be followed by a high-performance flagship coupé, which could be called Alfa Romeo GTV.

At the moment, the debut of this car is just a hypothesis, but it is certainly something that Alfa Romeo is considering. The launch of such a model could represent an important step forward in achieving the goal of becoming one of Stellantis’ global premium brands. We may have some more concrete news about the possible arrival of such a model in a couple of years, with the debut of the already confirmed models.

The Alfa Romeo GTV could amaze not only for its performance, but also for its design, technology and luxury. We will see what the Italian brand decides to do about this project, but surely they will make a decision after the elections in Europe and the United States, which could shake things up for several car manufacturers.