Irmscher unveils its 260-horsepower Opel Astra IRC

Francesco Armenio
German tuning company Irmscher has released several digitally rendered images of its sporty take on the Opel Astra.
Opel Astra

Opel Astra is one of the most appreciated compact sedans globally. It is often used by tuners to create high-performance cars. The latest case is that of the German tuner Irmscher, who has unveiled renderings of a model called Astra IRC with a very sporty look inspired by the world of motorsport. The company is not new to developing modified versions of Opel cars.

Irmscher presented several digitally rendered images of a modified Opel Astra

Irmscher said that the Opel Astra IRC was inspired by the World Rally Championship, although looking closely at the images it seems to be more similar to a touring car. The highlight is the significantly wider front and rear fenders with integrated vents, covering the 20-inch Hydra Star alloy wheels.

At the front, there is a large front spoiler and a new bumper with larger air intakes, along with 20-inch wheels and a diffuser and adjustable spoiler at the rear. Irmscher has not revealed the changes to the chassis and suspension, but specifies that it wants to bring an engine that develops 260 horsepower. In other words, the new Opel Astra IRC, as named by Irmscher, will be closer to models like the Volkswagen Golf GTI in terms of engine power.

Opel Astra IRC

At the moment, Irmscher has only shown renderings of the Opel Astra IRC. However, there is a possibility that the model will be produced in limited quantities. Irmscher has not revealed further details, but they will likely proceed with the development of the model only if there is enough interest from potential customers.