Ferrari Monza SP1: a golden jewel at the Museo Enzo Ferrari

Gloria Fiocchi Author
A design work of art, an homage to Ferrari tradition: the Ferrari Monza SP1 is now in the Enzo Ferrari Museum
Ferrari Monza SP1

Among the cars we can see on display at the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, as part of “One of a Kind” (the exhibition dedicated to custom cars with customized fittings), which aims to celebrate the precious art of customizing in a completely original way, we find an almost surreal Ferrari Monza SP1. Over the years we have certainly seen this model in different facets, but in the guise in which it now appears, it seems to tower above all others.

This beautiful and stylish car, an object of creation of the Maranello-based manufacturer, was launched in 2018. The lines that characterize it almost seem to have been sculpted. With the Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2, the Icona series was definitely born, with the main goal being to pay homage to the most incredible models of the company’s tradition, but always with an eye on modernity. Some of these historic models are definitely the Ferrari 750 Monza and the 860 Monza.

The eye-catcher of this new creation on display at Modena museum is definitely the gold tint. A true marvel that echoes historic colors of wheels and other components of old Ferrari cars. No details to contrast with the body color, except for a black strip created in carbon fiber at the door level. There are also some chrome details inside, perfectly visible in the gearshift paddles. They match perfectly with the black-colored seats. In short, a real marvel created by the meticulous work of the skilled technicians in Maranello.

As for the performance part, we know that a 12-cylinder naturally aspirated engine roars under the hood, with a roar as eerie as it is sublime. Capable of reaching 8500 rpm, it delivers driving experiences that are nothing short of unique. To give an idea of the power of this gem, let’s talk briefly about numbers. In 2.9 seconds, passengers inside the cabin would already be at a speed of 100 km/h. While, again starting from a standstill, the speed doubles after only 7.9 seconds, which leaves everyone well glued to the seats. As a top speed, on the other hand, one can easily exceed 300 km/h.