Ferrari destroyed 400,000 counterfeit items in 2023, including 3 cars

Francesco Armenio
Ferrari’s anti-counterfeiting campaign in 2023 led to the destruction of 400,000 fake items, including clothing, accessories, and 3 replica cars.
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The issue of counterfeiting is a matter that Ferrari takes very seriously. In the past year, the Maranello-based car manufacturer has taken drastic measures in an attempt to combat counterfeiting, destroying three fake vehicles as part of a broader campaign. In fact, throughout 2023, Ferrari demolished an impressive number of counterfeit products. These reportedly included over 100,000 clothing items, more than 91,000 pairs of glasses, almost 61,000 wristwatches, and over 57,000 wallets, as well as 30,000 bottles of perfume, more than 17,000 bags, 17,000 pairs of shoes, and over 13,000 belts.

Ferrari: thousands of counterfeit items destroyed in 2023, including some cars

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For those wishing to support Ferrari’s cause and receive a small reward for their efforts, an anti-counterfeiting reward project was launched last year. By participating, it’s possible to help the company identify fake products and receive an “official thank you” along with a “complimentary Ferrari gadget,” obviously not counterfeit. The campaign has already been a great success, with many daily reports.

A few years ago, Ferrari approved seven replica cars created for a film about Enzo Ferrari’s life. Despite these vehicles, which imitated the 1957 racing cars, being built with the assistance of twenty expert restorers, they were then destroyed after filming to prevent them from potentially circulating among collectors.

Moreover, in 2019, an underground factory in Brazil producing counterfeit luxury cars, mainly Lamborghinis and Ferraris, was shut down following a tip-off. During the police raid, eight semi-assembled cars were found, along with counterfeit spare parts bearing Lamborghini and Ferrari branding. These fake cars were sold through social networks at prices significantly lower than the originals, generating substantial profits for the criminals involved.