Ferrari 458 Italia: is this tuning the ugliest ever?

Francesco Armenio
This Ferrari 458 Italia has been ruined by a tuning job that is perhaps too flashy and of questionable taste.
Ferrari 458 Italia

The Ferrari 458 Italia is one of the most aesthetically beautiful and refined supercars of the modern era. Like other cars from the Prancing Horse, it deserves to remain unmodified, not even with the addition of a sticker, such is its perfection. However, there are some people around the world who can’t resist altering their sublime charm, damaging it with more or less extreme tuning. The model we’re discussing in this article belongs to this category.

Ferrari 458 Italia: one of the world’s most beautiful cars ruined by tuning

Ferrari 458 Italia

Although less radical compared to others, it gives an aesthetic appearance that heavily tarnishes the expressive purity of Pininfarina‘s style. What can be said about the livery, which features the colors of the Italian flag? The front has been treated with absolute disregard for aesthetic canons.

The black decals on the hood and those on the rearview mirrors combine with an enormous front logo in a pattern of poor taste, light-years away from the canons of beauty traced by the Maranello automaker throughout its long and prestigious history. The lime green accents on the front mouth and on the air vents in the wheel arches heavily weigh down the aesthetic canvas, making the view unpleasant.

This extravagant Ferrari 458 Italia is ruined by an aftermarket kit with a racing cut, perhaps harmful even in terms of aerodynamic balance but certainly unpleasant on the purely aesthetic front. We don’t know who was the author of the tuning illustrated in the photos, shared on Instagram by daworst.spec, but it’s evident how preferable it would have been for their creative outlet to be on a model of decidedly lesser lineage than a Prancing Horse supercar.

Even the wheels didn’t escape change, gaining a new look and an extravagant color mix, just to put a seal on the negativity of the revision work. It’s likely that the interior has also undergone radical modifications, but we don’t have photographic elements to confirm this hypothesis. Fortunately, the modifications seem reversible. This gives us a tiny sigh of relief, but we would like the owner of the Ferrari 458 Italia in question to immediately retrace their steps, returning the car to its original condition.