Dodge Durango will become an electric SUV sooner than expected

Francesco Armenio
The electric version of Dodge Durango will be launched in 2026, as confirmed by recent agreements between UAW and Stellantis.
Dodge Durango

The Dodge Durango is one of the longest-standing and most revered SUVs in the American market, boasting a history that dates back to 1998. Its legacy continues today with the third generation, launched in 2011 and refreshed in 2020. However, the future of the Durango could be significantly different from what we know, as the Dodge brand has announced its intention to become the first American brand exclusively dedicated to electric vehicles in the coming years.

Dodge Durango: the electric version is set to be launched in 2026, as confirmed by recent agreements between UAW and Stellantis

This implies that Durango will need to adapt to the new strategy and transform into a fully electric SUV, departing from the powerful gasoline engines that have characterized it until now. According to some rumors, the upcoming Dodge Durango 2026 will be built on Stellantis’ STLA Large platform, the same platform used for vehicles like the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio and other electric models within the group.

The STLA Large platform will empower the Durango to provide various battery and power options, with a potential range of over 800 km and fast charging in 15 minutes. Additionally, the Durango will boast all-wheel drive and a high towing capacity, retaining its versatility and robustness.

Dodge Durango

From an aesthetic standpoint, the 2026 Durango is expected to preserve its characteristic appearance while incorporating some distinctive stylistic elements. However, innovations are anticipated, including a new lighting signature, a resized grille, and aerodynamic details. The Durango might draw inspiration from the recent Dodge Hornet. Internally, the 2026 Durango is poised for a significant redesign, featuring a new dashboard and a central console with a larger screen and an extended digital display.

Dodge Durango 2026 will be manufactured at the Detroit plant, the same facility where the current model is produced. Its debut is slated for 2026, but it may be preceded by teasers or prototypes in the coming years. The Durango will be among Dodge’s initial electric models, joining the new Challenger and the new Charger, expected to arrive in 2024.