Automated driving: Stellantis gets to Level 3 with AutoDrive

Gloria Fiocchi Author
Stellantis sets to revolutionize driving with STLA AutoDrive system, offering Level 3 autonomous driving capabilities
STLA AutoDrive

The first models with STLA AutoDrive will arrive as early as 2024, initially for highway use. But Stellantis is already looking to the future, with the goal of developing Level 4 and 5 autonomous driving technologies for full autonomous driving in the city as well.

Stellantis: driving revolution with AutoDrive, the first Level 3 system

Stellantis is preparing for a major revolution in the driving of some of its cars with the STLA AutoDrive system. This type of technology, in fact, will give cars the ability to be equipped with Level 3 autonomous driving capabilities. This means that when driving on previously selected roads, one will finally be able to leave the steering wheel of the car aside and enjoy the journey more while the car handles itself completely on its own. To mention, this new STLA AutoDrive automation system was created in strong collaboration with the German automaker BMW.

We have already been familiar with automated driving systems, but what does the Level 3 one refer to? Unlike the systems that are currently being reproduced, which require constant attention, with Level 3 will really be able to relax, take hands off the wheel, and even engage in other types of activities, such as reading a few pages of a good book or watching a movie in the case of longer trips! Under this new system, the car will take care of everything from speed management to braking and even lane changing, alerting the driver only when it is necessary to regain control.

Stellantis AI Platform Solution

Stellantis’ first models equipped with STLA AutoDrive will be available on the market as early as 2024, with an initial major focus on highway use. Although this is already great news in terms of the automotive group’s technological advancement, Stellantis is already looking to the future with the goal of also developing Level 4 and 5 autonomous driving technologies. These levels would be those in which the car will be able to move completely autonomously even in more difficult urban environments In addition to autonomous driving, Stellantis also unveiled the new STLA Smart Cockpit. This is an intelligent user interface that, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence systems, manages to very easily personalize the driving experience and simplify the driver’s interaction with the car as much as possible.

Stellantis never ceases to amaze. As we know, the work being done on electrification is becoming more and more concrete, but that is not the only area that is advancing. In fact, it is now also positioning itself as a leader in the field of autonomous driving, offering innovative technology that will change the way people experience mobility. With this new and additional technology, Stellantis is positioning itself as a pioneer in the automotive industry, on all its sides.